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Ben stands up for Sienna

Patrick works out that Sienna is responsible for his void insurance. When an argument between the pair erupts, Ben arrives and locks horns with Patrick. Ben gives Sienna the choice to leave with him and offers his hand - but will Sienna choose her dad or her boyfriend? Sienna takes Ben's hand and Theresa tells Patrick she doesn't care about the money – she loves him. Later, Nico sees Ben carrying women's magazines and, detecting shifty behaviour, she follows him. She sees him hugging a woman in a car and it's not Sienna…

Meanwhile, Cindy asks Jason for help with the book but he refuses, even though he clearly wants to. Holly and Jason make up, but when Jason snaps at Zack again, Holly's unforgiving. Jason then texts Cindy and agrees to help. Dirk gives Cindy a new bracelet ,but her mind is elsewhere… she goes to Jason's where the attraction between them is undeniable. Holly comes over and Cindy hides behind the sofa – that was a close call! Elsewhere, Zack and Holly organise a flash mob, wearing 'Find Lisa' T-shirts.

Also, Darren is determined to keep Maxine’s spirits up. Theresa gives Maxine photos of Minnie from their holiday.