Bitter Bethany tries to break up Sarah and Callum

Bethany tries to kiss Callum, but spotting Sarah approaching, he quickly backs off and Bethany is mortified as Sarah drags her home. Later, Bethany locks Callum and Sarah kissing and her eyes narrow with envy. Bitter, she tells Sarah to watch out as Callum is always eyeing up other women. She then tells Callum that she won’t say a word about the drugs raid so long as he’s nice to her.

Thoroughly annoyed with Tim for missing his appointment at the garage, Sally drags Tim home from the pub where they argue over Tim’s lack of ambition. But she’s silenced when Tim admits he’s fed up with being compared to Kevin.

Roy’s clearly pleased to see Cathy when she calls at the cafe and his smile widens when Tyrone suggests Cathy joins in their next curry night and she accepts.

Alya apologises to Gary and they share what’s left of the picnic in the cafe.


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