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Browning attacks Lindsey!

At the hospital, Browning watches Lindsey thoughtfully - she's a welcome relief from bride-zilla Mercedes. When a patient dies, he's there to comfort his colleague. He invites her to a lecture he's giving at a hotel, with promises of introducing her to a clinical director - but it seems he has something more sinister planned... Jim puts his foot in it when he tells Mercedes about Browning's pre-nup plans and her outburst only pushes Browning closer to Lindsey.

After the lecture, Browning corners Lindsey in a lift and she starts to panic when he pulls the emergency stop lever. He moves in to kiss her but turns nasty when she calls him a "pathetic little man" - memories of Lynsey Nolan flood back. As he advances on his prey, he doesn't notice her pull the 'stop' lever again and she manages to escape as the lift doors open, leaving her attacker behind.

Sinead is rushing to get to her bail appointment but as she's about to go out the door a lady from Social Services arrives. Sinead assumes her mum is to blame. Diane is determined to prove to Tony that they can make their relationship work but it's too little too late as Tony sticks by his word and walks out on her. However, it's Holly who reported Sinead.