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Cain and Chrissie kiss!

*First episode*

Chrissie knows Robert is lying to her and seeks out Aaron to get some answers. But down at the garage, it’s Cain she runs into. He’s all fired up because of a row with Moira over the DNA test she ordered to find out if he’s Charity's baby's dad. With both Chrissie and Cain’s marriages on the line, the angry pair clashes – but end up kissing! And if that wasn’t bad enough, someone has clocked the whole thing!

There’s more grief elsewhere for Cain, too, when he sees Joanie has turned up in the village with Kyle! Having recently given Joanie cash, but warned her to stay away and keep his lovechild son out of his sight, he’s not happy to see the pair, and fumes when Zak and Lisa then take pity on Kyle’s adoptive gran and offer her and Kyle a place to stay!

When Laurel accompanies Ashley to a coffee morning, Harriet feels sidelined. Bernice also pops in to check on the nervous vicar and is thrown when epileptic Ashley suddenly has a seizure…