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Charlotte is shot!

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Kyle rushes home from the wedding to tell Josh and Andy about Charlotte's threats and, when Andy tells him Charlotte knows about Jake Pirovic, they decide it's time to take action.

As Zac and Leah have their first dance, Ricky accepts Nate's proposal... but suddenly Kat shows up to announce that new evidence suggests Charlotte is Denny's killer!

Oscar runs off and, when Kyle finds him, he's so angry he wishes Charlotte was dead. Meanwhile, Ash finds out that Ricky is engaged and decides to find Charlotte to make sure Brax's secret stays a secret.

At Angelo's, Evelyn breaks down, but Andy walks in and comforts the teen. However, things cross the line when they kiss and Hannah sees everything. Olivia gets a visit from Hunter who admits he's done some terrible things and has decided to leave Summer Bay.

Standing by the Ocean pool, Charlotte's startled when she sees a familiar face. Before she gets a chance to ask any questions a gun shot is fired and her lifeless body falls into the water.