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Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe has a warning for Abi

Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe has a warning for Abi

Sally Metcalfe tells Abi that Kevin Webster is trouble…

After spending the night with Kevin, Abi’s cautious about confusing Jack and plans to slip out of No.13. She’s chuffed when Kevin insists Jack thinks she’s great.

Sally urges Abi to exercise caution and not jump into a full-on relationship with Kevin and it’s clear the pair don’t see eye to eye over the relationship.

Sally argues she’s concerned for Jack, as chaos seems to follow her around. Ray sees Abi and Kevin looking cosy in the Rovers and delights in announcing some new evidence has come to light so their days together are numbered in this hour-long episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings)

Gemma gets a call from the hospital offering a last-minute hearing test for Aled. Stressed Chesney drops Joseph at sports club but when he learns from Kevin that it is not on, he heads back to find Joseph but there is no sign of him.

Chesney scours the streets for Joseph, will he find him safe and sound? Gemma’s devastated when the audiologist confirms Aled has profound permanent hearing loss in both ears.

As Chesney and Gemma take in Aled’s diagnosis, Gemma’s heartbroken to learn that Aled’s been deaf since birth and has never heard her say she loves him.

Chesney tries to comfort Gemma as she blames herself and promises he’ll be by her side and they will face Aled’s challenges together.

As Chesney hugs her tight, Gemma’s fears are far from allayed.

Chesney and Gemma take in Aled’s diagnosis

Chesney and Gemma take in Aled’s diagnosis

Maria and Gary announce their engagement to a muted reception. Sarah’s amazed by the news, while Ali puts on a brave face in public and shakes Gary’s hand.

Ali visits Maria in the barbers and begs her not to marry Gary. How will she react? Later, Maria summons Ali to the ginnel and orders him in no uncertain terms to stay out of her life.

Maria and Gary announce their engagement

Maria and Gary announce their engagement

Aggie tells Carla she’s definitely returning to nursing as she’s missed it and later explains to an unconvinced James that Ed’s reaction to his news was due to having a lot of information to process all at once.

At the bistro, Ed apologises to Danny and explains he’s fearful of the prejudice James will face in sport. James is pleased to receive a text from Danny wanting to meet. When Ed arrives home, James is civil to him and Aggie’s pleased.

Adam’s bored rigid as Sarah leaves him to finalise every last detail of their wedding plans with an enthusiastic Gail, while Sally and Izzy complete alterations to Sarah’s wedding dress in the factory.  When she invites them to the wedding, Beth and Sean are furious at being left out.