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Coronation Street spoilers: Scott discovers Johnny Connor has been blabbing about his past…

Coronation Street spoiler: Scott discovers Johnny Connor has been blabbing about his past…

Scott is furious with Johnny Connor when Ray doesn’t give him the job

In tonight's second episode of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Johnny Connor tells Ray about Scott's criminal connects

Johnny Connor tells Scott to count him out as his criminal days are behind him. When Ray tells Scott that the property job is no longer his because Johnny filled him in on his background, Scott’s fuming. Confronting Johnny, Scott reveals he now owes him big time.

Ray says that he’d like to buy the factory and offers Gary £150k. Gary’s adamant it’s not for sale but Ray tells him to think about it. Maria urges Gary to accept Ray’s offer as it would mean she could buy the barber shop.

Ray wants to buy the factory!

Ray wants to buy the factory!

Eileen tells a relieved Billy that it wasn’t Todd’s body in the mortuary. Calling Todd she admits she couldn’t bring herself to lie for him. Todd’s furious. Eileen confesses to Mary that Todd is alive and well and she’s been meeting up with him in secret.

When Mary tells George about Eileen’s predicament with her son and Mick Costello, George warns that Mick is dangerous. An idea forming, George calls a mate. At No.11. Eileen tells Todd she’s sorry for letting him down. And he’s accepting, but explains she’s left him with no option but to disappear and she’ll never see him again. Eileen’s devastated.

Arthur keeps Evelyn waiting but they eventually head off to the Lakes.

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