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Coronation Street spoilers: The residents stand up to Ray Crosby!

Will Geoff kill Alya?

The residents risk their lives to save the cobbles from Ray Crosby

In the second of three one hour specials this week to celebrate Coronation Street's 60th Anniversary, the residents have camped outside the brewery all night.

In the morning they celebrate halting the progress of the bulldozer, but their joy is short-lived when a massive long-arm digger turns up.

In a bid to make peace with Abi, Kevin contacts a councillor friend to alert him to the brewery’s application for listed status.

Debbie phones Ray in a panic and the protestors are outraged as Ray’s men start to dismantle their camp.

As Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path, Abi jumps into the cab of the digger but loses control of the long arm, which smashes down on a nearby substation, plunging the street into darkness.

Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path

Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path

Kevin is baffled as to how Ray got wind of their plans - is the game up for Debbie?

Meanwhile, in the Bistro, a flattered Faye puts aside any misgivings and agrees to join Ray for a drink in the office.

Elsewhere, Geoff and Alya lock horns once more as the aftermath of Yasmeen's trial hits Weatherfield.

But Geoff is up to his old tricks again when he attacks Alya at Speed Daal before sloshing lighter fluid around number 6 and setting it alight.

With Alya following him to the house a dramatic rooftop stand off ensues, has Geoff got his ultimate revenge on the Nazirs?

Will Geoff kill Alya?

Will Geoff kill Alya?

Also, Peter is excitedly forging ahead with plans for the wedding but is concerned when Jenny mentions seeing Carla calling at Daniel’s flat and his paranoia goes into overdrive as to what she was doing there.

Has Peter got the wrong end of the stick?

Spotting Carla and Daniel in hushed conversation later in the Rovers, Peter furiously accuses them of being lovers. What will Daniel and Carla say?

Coronation Street will air special hour-long episodes for the 60th anniversary week at 7.30 on ITV.