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Daniel shocked when Cindy meal turns ugly after Phelan tip off

Daniel in Coronation Street

Daniel has to think fast when Cindy’s husband arrives at the Bistro having been tipped off by Phelan. How will come off worse in this conflict?

In the Bistro, Cindy comforts Daniel over his thwarted scoop but is alarmed when her husband Ross walks in on the intimate scene. Ross grabs Daniel as Phelan watches on, having tipped off Ross. Who will emerge victorious in this round?

In his office, Phelan sits by the open safe, calmly checking a handgun. But who is Andy’s replacement?

Todd keeps his cool as the police quiz him about the day of the factory robbery. Will he and Adam be charged?

Rana explains to Kate that she loves Zeedan but can’t stop thinking about her and was jealous of Imogen. How will Kate react?