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Darcy makes a play for Adam

Darcy and Jack go public with their relationship but how will Jack’s family react?

On the eve of Adam's wedding, Darcy sets her sights on her man...

Darcy offers to help Jesse when the stripper for Adam's stag do cancels at the last minute, but Adam's mortified when he realises his stripper is Darcy! Amy legs it out of his stag do, but Darcy kisses him and makes him question whether he should be marrying Maxine.

Elsewhere, Maxine's overwhelmed when Neeta and Nancy surprise her with a new wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Hunter's embarrassed when Prince finds a folder of sexy pictures that he's drawn of Neeta. Hunter chases his brother and accidentally leaves the folder on Neeta's desk.

Also, Simone's stunned when Cindy announces she'll also be running for councillor. And Darren has a proposition for Grace…