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Darren is rushed to hospital

Everyone rushes to help Darren after he collapses, while Nancy is alarmed at what's just happened between her and Robbie. She returns to the pub and hears the news about Darren. At the hospital, Darren slowly wakes with Nancy, Jack, Sandy and Frankie at his side. He laughs off his situation but he's clearly troubled. Sandy reveals that Darren was born with high cholesterol and has got heart disease.

Ste collects the van and Freddie arrives, punches Ste and ties him up as part of their plan. Grace finds Ste, he tells her Freddie did this and Grace is furious when Freddie blackmails her to get him £50k before he dumps the lot.

Leela comforts Ziggy when he tells her that his dad died in his arms when he was five years old. It's clear that she is slowly being won over by him.

Also, Phoebe struggles to contain her jealousy and follows Robbie. When she finds him comforting Nancy, her suspicions are roused.