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Darren has a heart attack!

Ashley Taylor Dawson Hollyoaks

When Darren has a heart attack, Warren refuses to help. Will anyone come to their aid?

Darren and Nancy fear for their lives after Warren’s revenge and Sienna urges them to tell the truth about Patrick if they want to go home. Warren opens ‘Warren’s Wheels’, despite Maxine’s efforts to sabotage him again and later arrives at the bunker just as Sienna is freeing Darren and Nancy.

Nancy panics when Darren starts having a heart attack yet Warren refuses to call an ambulance for him. Nancy decides to reveal where Patrick is buried to save her husband – but Sienna’s guilt gets to her first and she sets them free.

Meanwhile, Peri tells Nico she loves her but obsessive Nico takes it the wrong way and kisses Peri. The girls are horrified when they make an unwanted discovery – it’s Patrick’s body!

Also, Marnie’s jealous of Neeta’s return but Neeta’s unsure whether she still wants to be with Mac.