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Is 'dealer' Darren about to get caught?

Darren Osborne Hollyoaks

Darren gets his hands on more weed, but is someone about to find out what he's been up to?

Darren tells Kyle they need more weed, so he can get Nancy the best treatment. Later, Ryan offers Kyle money to leave. Kyle, however, then turns up at Ryan's flat and reminds him of the night they spent together. Later, Kyle arrives home with some more weed for Darren. But is Darren's secret stash about to be uncovered?

Meanwhile, Mac finds out Nathan's headstone is ready and asks Alfie to come with him to lay it. Alfie asks James along too and while, initially, he says he won't go if Mac's going, James then agrees to go to Nathan's grave for Alfie's sake. Alfie, however, doesn't want Marnie to know – what will James do?

Also, Lily's alarmed when she sees Scott in a makeshift magician's costume trying to leave the hospital for his next gig.