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Doctors spoilers: Ayesha Lee tries to help MS patient Sue

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Sue Knoxworth

Surgery nurse Ayesha tries to help patient Sue with her multiple sclerosis. But Ayesha's efforts are challenged by Sue's angry husband John...

During a home visit, surgery nurse Ayesha Lee meets Sue Knoxworth, who has multiple sclerosis. Ayesha is concerned Sue's symptoms are getting worse and recommends she see her GP straight away.

However, Ayesha's attempt to help is blocked by Sue's angry husband John, who has a rant about the state of the NHS and the amount of time they have previously had to wait to get any help.

John reluctantly agrees to accompany Sue to The Mill to get an appointment with Dr Daniel Granger. But when Sue is bumped further down the waiting list because of a more urgent patient, John loses his temper and makes an angry outburst about the running of the surgery, immediately getting on the wrong side of returning practice manager Mrs Tembe!

Doctors, Sue Knoxworth, John Knoxworth, Ayesha Lee

Ayesha gives MS patient Sue some advice but her husband John does not agree (Picture: BBC)

So it's no wonder Mrs Tembe has a short fuse, as she returns to work for the first time since the tragic car crash and finds herself plunged into chaos all around!

Al Haskey and Jimmi Clay's attempts to lighten the mood with a fun game do nothing to help the situation, and receptionists Karen Hollins and Valerie Pitman are also on the receiving end of Mrs Tembe's strict 'back to business' mood.

And Zara Carmichael is left reeling, when husband Daniel gives her an angry ultimatum after they are summoned to the school of Daniel's daughter Izzie Torres to discuss some 'concerns'.

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