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Doctors spoilers: The Carter family are questioned over the hit-and-run

Doctors, Alia Hanif, Ruhma Carter

Who tried to kill teenager Tarks? As he remains in a critical condition in hospital, everyone in the Carter family is a prime suspect...

During the last visit to Letherbridge back in June, school boy bully Tarks was left for dead after a shock hit-and-run involving Dr Heston Carter's car!

But was it actually Heston who ran down Tarks? After all, the whole of Heston's family had a grudge against Tarks after he broke-up with teenage daughter Alia and then shamed her by publicly releasing an intimate video of them together.

With Tarks rushed to hospital in a critical state, and Heston's car found abandoned near the scene of the crime, it's not long before the police come knocking to ask Heston, his wife Ruhma and her teenage kids Alia and Shak some questions. Did Alia want revenge on her ex-boyfriend Tarks for publicly humiliating her?

What about the fight Shak and Tarks got into? Or maybe mum Ruhma took matters into her own hands after being sent packing by Tark's mum who refused to accept any responsibility for her son's behaviour?

Heston claims someone must have taken his car and used it to mow down Tarks. But is someone in the Carter family telling lies? And if so, who?

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