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Doctors spoilers: Dr Al Haskey is accused of being racist!

Doctors, Shak Hanif, Kathy Richards, Al Haskey, Jimmi Clay
Programme Name: <a href="/doctors-main/" data-source-seowords>Doctors</a> 2018/19 - TX: 04/03/2019 - Episode: Doctors 2018/19 - S20 - ep 76 (No. 76) - Picture Shows: Shak Hanif (SUNJAY MIDDA), Kathy Richards (LINDA HARGREAVES), Al Haskey (IAN MIDLANE), Jimmi Clay (ADRIAN LEWIS MORGAN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Screen grab (Image credit: BBC)

The fallout from Al's infamous 15 minutes of fame continues when a patient reckons he is racist and demands to see another doctor!

Al Haskey has now apologised to Mr Singh, the bus driver he had a very public showdown with after Mr Singh's tourist bus accidentally hit Al's beloved new action figure.

However, this week he discovers he may need to do some more damage control after a patient, Kathy Richards, demands to see another doctor. She's heard all about angry Al and his very public comments about Asian bus driver, Mr Singh!

Al is taken aback by Kathy's hostility. Can his colleague Jimmi Clay and family friend Shak Hanif give Al some advice on how to win back people's approval?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, policeman Rob Hollins has been working overtime on the Grant Hill murder case and managed to miss his wife, Karen's birthday. Whoops! However, there's a possible twist in the case when Jimmi suggests to Rob they shouldn't rule out suicide as a cause of death. So does this mean Grant's wife Charlotte, who was originally convicted of his murder and sent to prison, is definitely an innocent woman?

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Ruhma Carter

How will Ruhma react to Becky's news about the memorial bench for Heston? (Picture: BBC)

Back at The Mill, Becky Clarke has organised the delivery of the memorial bench in memory of Dr Heston Carter, who died last year after a car crash.

But how will Heston's widow, midwife Ruhma Carter, react when she discovers Becky hasn't involved her in any of the decision-making?

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