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Doctors spoilers: Dr Heston Carter makes a shock confession!

Doctors, Heston Carter, Rob Hollins, DI Mark Addison, Ruhma Carter

Heston has displayed signs of violent behaviour in the past. Could the stuffy medic have snapped again and run down Tarks?

Ruhma's worst fears come true when the police arrive at the Carter house to arrest her hubby Heston in connection with the hit-and-run horror. But is Heston really guilty?

The upstanding doctor at first refuses to answer Rob and Addison's questions, just responding: "No comment!" But he eventually reveals what happened when he came face-to-face with Tarks, who taunted Heston over not being Alia and Shak's real father. Did Heston see red and track down Tarks later that night for payback?

Meanwhile, Ruhma is overwhelmed with guilt over all the trouble her family has brought to Heston's doorstep. And her teenage son Shak does nothing to improve matters when he makes a startling revelation of his own! But could Shak's bombshell help clear Heston's name?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Daniel and Zara get competitive over their parenting skills, unaware they have both been outsmarted by their crafty son, Joe!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One