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Doctors spoilers: Is Emma's Reid's former flame Harry a time traveller?

Doctors, Harry Davidson, Emma Reid

Has Doctor Who visited Letherbridge? Emma is intrigued when a former flame Harry visits and claims he's travelled back in time to see her!

Dr Emma Reid is in for a surprise when she spots a former flame, Harry Davidson, wandering around outside the surgery. When Emma confronts Harry, things become even more curious when Harry produces a pocket watch and claims he has time-travelled! He missed his mum Molly's death the first time around and now he has been given a second chance to say goodbye to her.

After some investigation, Emma discovers Harry's mum is still alive, a patient in a care home. But when she takes Harry to see Molly, tragedy strikes and Harry really does get the chance to say goodbye to her.

Emma is concerned Harry may have hit his head and be in a confused state, with all his talk of time travel. But when events take an even more bizarre turn, Emma begins to wonder what on earth is going on! Could it be Harry really is some kind of Doctor Who?

Elsewhere, after the shock tragedy involving little Holly Ashbury, nurse Ayesha Lee is on a mission to highlight the importance of vaccinating children against measles. But her day takes a brighter turn when handsome social worker Leo Tomas arrives at the surgery to ask her out on a date! Could this be the start of a new romance?

And who is going to be in charge of the Minor Surgery Unit when it launches? Dr Heston Carter and Dr Zara Carmichael secretly both think they are the right person for the job. This could mean war!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One