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Doctors spoilers: Karen Hollins panics over the state of husband Rob

Doctors, Rob Hollins

As Rob continues to be struck by sharp head pains, Karen fears for her husband's health when she finds him in a terrible state...

Karen Hollins has already had her weekend plans ruined by her husband Rob's bout of 'man flu'.

So as policeman Rob pops painkillers for the 'brain zaps' he has been experiencing, and fails to help out around the house, Karen loses her patience.

However, when Karen later finds Rob in a clammy state looking a lot worse for wear, it starts to look like Rob is suffering from something a lot more serious than 'man flu'. But what's wrong with Rob? Will he reveal all?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, things get competitive between Valerie Pitman, Emma Reid, Al Haskey and Jimmi Clay with the next installment of their Dinner Winner competition.

Emma is convinced their perfectionist host Jimmi will have everything running like clockwork.

But when it becomes clear dinner is a long way from being served, the hungry guests plot to secretly order a pizza without Jimmi knowing! But will Jimmi rumble his dinner guests' deception?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One