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Doctors spoilers: A mistake by midwife Ruhma Carter puts a baby's life at risk

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Natalie Summers, Esther Knowles
Ruhma makes a mistake that puts a baby's life in danger... (Picture: BBC)

A hectic day for Ruhma leads the overworked midwife to make a serious error that leaves a baby's life on the line...

It's another busy day for midwife Ruhma Carter at the surgery, when she meets Natalie Summers, a young mum with a baby daughter, Jasmine.

Ruhma senses something's not right with Natalie. But before she can find out more, Ruhma is distracted by a phone call and Natalie leaves the surgery.

Little does Ruhma realise, but Natalie has been struggling to cope looking after Jasmine, and her grumpy neighbours have been complaining about the baby's noisy crying in the early hours.

By the time Ruhma and fellow nurse Ayesha realise what's going on, will they be in time to help sick Jasmine when it becomes clear Natalie has left the baby home alone?

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger and his wife Zara Carmichael celebrate their son being elected onto the school council with a yummy chocolate fountain! While Joe is thrilled with the tasty treat, frisky Daniel and Zara soon discover there are other uses for the chocolate fountain... in the bedroom!

And at the surgery Dr Heston Carter treats a patient Stuart Mordaunt, whose wife Helena has insisted he have a vasectomy because of Stuart's previous extra-marital affairs. But will love-cheat Stuart go through with the procedure to save his marriage?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One