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Doctors spoilers: Mrs Tembe's SHOCK reaction to Heston Carter tribute

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Alia Hanif

Ruhma thinks a memorial bench would be a nice tribute to her late husband Heston. But Mrs Tembe's reaction to the idea leaves everybody stunned...

As the staff of The Mill settle back into their every day routines, Mrs Tembe is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of her friend and confident, Dr Heston Carter.

Heston's wife Ruhma Carter likes the idea of keeping the memory of Heston alive at the surgery with a memorial bench. But when she shares her idea with the rest of her work colleagues, every one is stunned by Mrs Tembe's reaction...

Meanwhile, Ruhma faces another possible change on the homefront when her daughter Alia Hanif tells her mum she believes she has received a sign from Heston and has made a big decision about her future. But what?

Elsewhere, Zara Carmichael is having trouble on the homefront too, as her patience begins to run out with her husband Daniel Granger's daughter Izzie Torres.

After the couple are called to Izzie's school because the tween-ager is playing up, Zara tries to lay down some house rules at home... and all hell breaks loose!

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Zara Carmichael

Zara attempts to lay down the law for stepdaughter Izzie. (Picture: BBC)

And Al Haskey is not impressed when he watches a vlog in which university lecturer Paul Baxter claims the idea of extra-terrestrial life is just a fantasy cooked-up by attention seekers.

Doctors, Al Haskey

Sci-fi fan Al is not impressed with university lecturer Paul's vlog. (Picture: BBC)

However, Al and surgery receptionist Karen Hollins unexpectedly find themselves caught up in diabetic Paul's dramas with his wife Aadlia and also Paul's co-worker Sawat Jaffar, who has made an official complaint against him which could cost Paul his job.

Doctors, Paul Baxter, Sawat Jaffar

Paul confronts Sawat over his complaint. (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Aadlia Baxter

Karen discovers Paul's wife Aadlia is thinking about leaving him... (Picture: BBC)

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