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Doctors Spoilers: Ruhma Carter and daughter Alia Hanif get makeovers!

Ruhma and her daughter Alia enjoy a fun day of makeovers, dancing and laughter. But Ruhma is worried they are breaking the rules of Ramadan

Ruhma and her teenage daughter Alia spend some fun time together when they watch a hilarious beauty vlog, and then decide to give each other makeovers.

However, as a Muslim family, Ruhma suddenly worries their self-indulgent behaviour goes against the rules of Ramadan - the annual religious event. But Alia wisely points out they are not being silly and selfish, they are thinking about each other.

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, it looks like Jimmy is still planning to cash-in his partnership at The Mill so he can give ex-wife Amanda £80,000 to get back on her feet financially. But will Amanda confirm everyone's suspicions, take the money and run?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC 1