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Doctors spoilers: Shakib wants revenge on Alia's ex-boyfriend Tariq

Doctors W26 Shak and Tariq

Shak attack! The lad sees red when he discovers his sister Alia's ex-boyfriend Tariq has leaked an intimate video of them together

Ruhma Carter still can't get to the bottom of why her teenage daughter, Alia, is acting so strangely. One minute Alia was all loved-up with boyfriend Tariq Amiri and now she's being more sulky and mysterious than ever.

But it is Alia's brother Shakib who gets to the bottom of her behaviour when he discovers Tariq filmed an intimate video of Alia and him together and has now released the footage for everyone to see! Alia is mortified by what has happened, and when Shak sees the video of his sister that's doing the rounds he sees red! What will Shak do?

Watch out for guest star Sam Callis, who played crooked Sgt Callum Stone in The Bill. He plays Matt Gold, whose estranged partner Lucinda is recovering from a stroke. But when Karen Hollins from The Mill makes a home visit she's surprised by how well Lucinda appears to be coping. Or is there more than meets the eye to Lucinda's speedy recovery?

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