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Doctors spoilers: TGIF! The staff of The Mill celebrate the launch of the Minor Surgery Unit

Doctors, Sid Vere, Al Haskey, Ayesha Lee, Karen Hollins, Valerie Pitman, Mrs Tembe
(Image credit: BBC)

Yay, it's Friday! Mrs Tembe and the rest of the staff pop open the champagne to celebrate the launch of the new Minor Surgery Unit

After much talk and some squabbles too, the Minor Surgery Unit is almost ready to launch at The Mill. It still hasn't been decided who will lead the MSU - but stuffy Dr Heston Carter and bossy Dr Zara Carmichael both fancy their chances!

But Heston is clearly disappointed when he discovers everyone is too busy at work to celebrate the start of the MSU, especially after all the hard work that has gone into it.

However, little does Heston know but receptionist Valerie Pitman and surgery Practice Manager Mrs Tembe have secretly teamed-up to spring a surprise celebration! But will everything go according to plan?

Doctors, James Coulter

Rob and Karen's missing foster son James is spotted in Letherbridge (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, receptionist Karen Hollins is distracted when her policeman hubby Rob reveals he may have seen their missing foster son James Coulter while out investigating a shoplifting in Letherbridge.

Karen is desperate to know if James is OK, since he hasn't returned any of her phone calls and recently missed an autism assessment appointment. So she joins Rob to carry on the search for James.

And during his latest police investigation, Rob is joined by Dr Emma Reid to help a troubled girl Daisy Milner, who has had a kidney transplant, but is locked in a bitter row with her dad Derek who recently reported her as missing.

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