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Doctors spoilers: What's wrong with Karen and Rob Hollins's foster son Mikey?

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Mikey Taylor-Wood

Karen remains convinced there's more to foster son Mikey's injuries than meets the eye and wants to have him medically assessed

Karen Hollins confides in surgery colleague Dr Emma Reid that she and husband Rob are having some problems with new foster son, Mikey Taylor-Wood. The six-year-old is endlessly active and somewhat accident prone.

While this could all just be the behaviour of a regular six-year-old boy, Emma suggests there could be something else involved like ADHD or dyspraxia.

Wondering if there's something wrong with Mikey, which might explain the previous injuries that led the Family Court to remove him from the care of his parents Beth and Jadie Taylor-Wood, Karen wants to have Mikey medically assessed. Unfortunately, this could take up to six months! Can Karen and Rob cope with the situation for now?

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Ayesha Lee

Snap! Valerie and Ayesha have both bought the same bag! (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, comedy and chaos ensues when receptionist Valerie Pitman and nurse Ayesha Lee discover they have both bought exactly the same handbag. But what will happen when the ladies accidentally walk off with the other's handbag? What surprises will they find inside!

Doctors, Nora Reilly, Terry Taplow

What a bore! Nora and Terry overshare their personal problems (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Zara Carmichael's patience is tested when two patients, Nora Reilly and her friend from New Zealand, Terry Taplow insist on sharing their personal problems!

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