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Doctors spoilers: Who will be the winner of the table tennis tournament?

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Sid Vere, Valerie Pitman

Girl power! The ladies are ready to battle it out in the table tennis tournament being held in Heston's memory. But who'll be the winner?

Things are getting super competitive at The Mill as the ladies get themselves revved-up ready for the final of the table tennis tournament, which Sid Vere has arranged in honour of their late colleague, Dr Heston Carter.

During the day, nurse Ayesha Lee and surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman do their best to psyche out the other. Will Valerie's nerves suddenly get the better of her and cause her to lose her mojo again just before the ultimate showdown?

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger is keeping his distance from wife Zara Carmichael after their huge bust-up over his daughter Izzie Torres's shock allegation against Zara, and the angry arrival of Izzie's mum Lisa to find out what's been going on in the Carmichael-Granger house.

Although Zara tries to explain her actions and the reasons why she and Izzie didn't manage to get along, Daniel brands her a bully! Can Zara find a way to get back in Daniel's good books?

Doctors, Emma Reid, Clem Farrell

Emma stumbles upon a mystery involving a missing person (Picture: BBC)

At the surgery, Emma Reid treats a young man Clem Farrell who has been mugged and beaten-up while sleeping homeless.

But after helping Clem find accommodation at a homeless hostel, Emma's intrigued when she bumps into a hostel volunteer Sandra Pugh, also a former patient, whose son Ben went missing four years earlier.

However, when Clem tells Emma about a mysterious, out-of-bounds bedroom at the hostel, Emma stumbles upon a mystery and is determined to find out what really happened to Ben.

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