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Dylan's mum comes to Hollyoaks!

Dylan's mum, Val, turns up in the village. Trevor tells Val about Esther keeping the baby and Val hugs him in support. Grace is furious when Trevor lets it slip that Val was at the hospital. Later, Grace furiously drills into a wall at The Loft and is electrocuted!

Meanwhile, Reenie holds a 'welcome home lunch' at The Dog and tells Porsche she's sticking around. Porsche storms off, bumping in to Trevor. Reenie gives Trevor the £3,000 that Porsche gave her, so he leaves her alone. Porsche agrees to help her mum change but, later, breaks into Price Slice wearing Reenie's coat to stitch her up.

Josh asks Celine on a date, still thinking she’s Mariam, but becomes suspicious. Cameron steps in and ends up saving the day.

Also, Simone is stocking up Price Slice with fine wines. Louis says it's another coping mechanism – what is he alluding too?