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Emma finds Moira’s bra in the Bartons’ cab!

Emmerdale Emma Barton
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Will Emma find out about James' cheating ways?

James and Moira’s secret kiss comes back to haunt them when the farmer’s bra is found in the back of Pete’s cab! Unaware her husband has cheated on her, Emma reckons it’s Ross’ handiwork but when Ross tells his mum James was the last person in the cab, is she about to work out the terrible truth?

Having slept with Ross in retaliation for Dan’s smooch with Nicola, Kerry feels awful. Turning to Bernice for comfort, Kerry feels no better when the beautician warns her the truth always comes out in the end! Later, Kerry’s relieved when Dan begs for another chance.

Priya starts to worry that absent Rakesh is having an affair.