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Emmerdale spoiler… what's Liam trying to HIDE from suspicious Bernice?

What is Liam hiding in Emmerdale

Bernice worries that Liam Cavanagh is keeping a secret from her about his dead ex-wife

Bernice (Sam Giles) isn't the most secure of girlfriends. It took her current beau, Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) ages to convince the salon owner he was really into her.

Now the couple are living together and everything is hunky dory. Well, almost.

She finds a new problem to get in a tizz about when her sister Nicola comments on Liam's strange reaction to the mere mention of his dead wife. After Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) suggests that Liam appears to have something to hide, Bernice runs with the idea.

Will it run her into trouble or is she on to something?

Second episode of Emmerdale tonight.