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Matt and Evelyn help Ellie

Evelyn in Home and Away

Matt, Evelyn and Ellie are having fun... until Matt's date Zoe shows up

Ellie is in a panic over her studies, so Matt and Evelyn decide to cheer her up, but Matt has to run off for a date with a girl named Zoe. Evelyn tells him to get his priorities straight, so he takes Ellie to play pool. Evelyn joins them and the three of them have a great time... until Zoe shows up.

Meanwhile, the Morgans try to make Raffy feel like part of the family by sharing old stories about their mum. It seems to be doing the trick until Raffy asks for a photo of her mother. Justin prints one from the internet, but will this accidentally reveal the truth to Raffy?

Also, Heath arrives and Bianca refuses to speak to him. Things then take a nasty turn when Bianca confronts Heath about his last business move…