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Freddie and Joe have lost the garage!

Charlie Clapham plays Freddie Roscoe

The garage is up for sale and Joe Roscoe reckons Freddie's responsible...

Freddie's heart sinks when he and Joe see a 'For Sale' sign outside the garage - is it Freddie's fault they've lost the business? Then, as Diego begs Mercedes not to say anything to Myra, Joe sees them conspiring and grows suspicious that Mercedes is cheating on him with Diego. Mercedes and Diego get home to find Myra in pain on the kitchen floor. They take her to hospital and it turns out it’s a false alarm but, as Celine urges Myra not to get stressed about anything, Diego gives Mercedes a knowing look.

Esther’s trying to get in touch with Kim, puzzled by her sudden disappearance. But when she finds a pink acrylic fingernail on the floor at the Osbornes’, she knows exactly who it belongs to. Grace denies hurting Kim but confesses to sabotaging their wedding, with Frankie as her accomplice. Esther gets home to discover Kim returned while they were out and has taken all of her belongings. Meanwhile, an unknown figure throws Kim’s belongings on a bonfire.

Elsewhere, Joanne rushes to her mother’s bedside when she gets news from the hospital. Joe asks Joanne if she’s OK when he sees her upset at The Dog and she’s struck by his kindness.