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Freddie's arrested at The Dog!

Grace throws Trevor a birthday party at The Dog, unaware that Freddie and Lindsey have organised engagement drinks there too. As both sets of sworn enemies come face to face, Trevor and Freddie lock horns as both parties refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Sinead has gone to the police with a confession from Freddie and Lindsey and DS Thorpe arrests them at The Dog.

Grace follows Sinead to the toilet satisfied with the arrest, unaware Sinead is wearing a wire and DS Thorpe hears everything. He returns and arrests Grace for Mercedes' murder!

In a moment of madness, Kim reveals a dark secret to Nancy about her and Joe that, on the night of Joe and Lindsey’s engagement party, when she was 16, she slept with Joe and he made her get an abortion. Nancy tries to give Kim advice but the nurse clearly just wants to forget what happened...