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Freddie's torn between two women

Freddie turns up at The Dog to ask Ellie out on a date, but she's not interested. Alfie prepares for his first chemo session by making a Vlog and he gives Ellie food for thought when he says she should give Freddie a chance. Meanwhile, Marnie tries to kiss Mac, and he rejects her, but it seems Freddie's intrigued by Marnie when he bumps into her at The Loft.

Later, Ellie realises she does want to go out with Freddie and leaves a voicemail on his phone, while Freddie passionately kisses Marnie back at the Roscoes…

As Alfie goes to hospital for his first chemo session, Jade tells him her tumours are still there and she’s starting a more aggressive cycle of chemo.

Also, Liam has gone by the time Tegan wakes up. She's suspicious about where Celine disappeared to last night. Later, Celine and Tegan find out Liam walked them both home last night!