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Hollyoaks spoilers! Goldie’s brother Sylver bags a job working for Dirk


Sylver works his magic on Dirk and lands himself a job working at The Emporium

Since getting out of prison, Goldie’s brother Sylver has been living at the McQueen’s but Goldie’s had enough of him getting under her feet and tells him he needs to get himself a job.

Sylver heads off to The Emporium and tries his luck there, but Dirk is reluctant to give an ex-con a job. However when his back starts playing up, Sylver impresses him by giving him an amazing back massage!


Seems like he learnt a few tricks when he was behind bars!


A grateful Dirk has a change of heart and tells him he can start work immediately. How will Sylver get on?

Elsewhere Ollie’s in a good mood because it’s his first day back on the football team. He heads off to The Magic Bean where he runs into Nancy who’s with Brooke


Ollie takes an instant shine to teen Brooke and the pair of them start chatting


Brooke even asks Ollie if she can tag along and watch a footie match


However Ollie soon finds himself in hot water with coach Buster when he storms into the cafe and tells him he is late for training.


Is Buster going to punish Ollie again?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4