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Hollyoaks spoilers! Is Nancy about to discover hubby Darren is cheating on her with Mandy?


Secret lovers Nancy and Darren hook up for more passion but is Darren's wife Nancy about to walk in on them?

Darren and Mandy’s affair hots up as the pair end up back at Mandy’s house and waste no time in ripping eachother’s clothes off.


However when there’s a knock at the door, Mandy is horrified to see her friend, Nancy, staring back at her


Seeing her sporting nothing but a skimpy dressing gown, a  suspicious Nancy wants to know the identity of the mystery man Mandy is hiding away. A guilt-racked Mandy desperately tries to bluff her way out of the situation


Is Nancy about to discover it’s her very own love-cheat husband who Mandy has secretly been getting passionate with?

Elsewhere, Simone is devastated to discover that Price Slice has been broken into so is grateful when Glenn turns up and does a knight in shining armour routine. Little does a smitten Simone realise that it was him who smashed up the shop in the first place in a bid to control her.

Plus, Jesse confronts Courtney who has been lying about her whereabouts. Will he buy her story?


And Dennis (above) and Liberty decide Milo has to leave but Milo piles on the emotional blackmail


Will Liberty have a change of heart and let him stay?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4