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Home and Away spoilers: Brody Morgan and Simone Bedford move in together?

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Ever since his marriage break-up, Brody has been falling fast for new love Simone. But could it be too soon for the pair to move in together?

Despite the rest of Summer Bay seemingly against them, Brody Morgan and Simone Bedford have spent the night together at the garden cottage at the Morgan house - which Brody's wife Ziggy recently moved out of. However, not everyone's happy for the loved-up couple when they find out about their sleepover...

Brody's brother Justin thinks things are moving way too fast between the pair, and thinks he should slow things down while everyone is still feeling super-sensitive over the circumstances of how Brody and Simone got together in the first place.

But Brody is feeling defiant in the name of love, and wants school teacher Simone to move in with him! How will the rest of the Morgan family (and the Bay!) react to the news?

Elsewhere in the Bay, Colby Thorne is trying to solve the problem of his teenage sister Bella Nixon having no real friends of her own, since she was on the run with her dad, Ross, for such a long time.

So he arranges a 'play date' for Bella and school mates Raffy Morrison and Ryder Jackson. Have these three got what it takes to become great mates?

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin and Leah are caught in the act! (Picture: Channel 5)

And Roo Stewart returns to town after her stay in the Kimberly, just in time to catch secret lovers Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan getting passionate on the stairs at Summer Bay House. Busted!

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