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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson unexpectedly returns to the Bay!

Home and Away, Willow Harris, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Morgan, Brody Morgan

Everyone at the Morgan house has a whole lot of questions when runaway River Boy Dean is unexpectedly found sleeping rough in the backyard

There's an unexpected early morning surprise for Brody and his wife Ziggy when the couple find runaway Dean sleeping rough in the backyard at the Morgan house!

It's not long before Dean's ex-girlfriend Willow confronts him, for running away and jeopardising his upcoming court case. She wants to help him since she secretly knows Dean covered-up her involvement in the credit card scam at Salt and could now be facing time in prison because he was trying to protect her.

But stubborn Dean refuses to accept any help and it already seems like he is ready to do time! Can Willow's fella and Dean's former boss Justin get through to Dean?

Meanwhile, Colby discovers the reason behind apartment mate Robbo's terrible mood. But when he tries to help repair the breakdown of Robbo and Jasmine's friendship, will the policeman just make things worse? Jasmine turns to Irene for advice on what to do about Robbo, still feeling guilty she messed things up by trying to befriend Robbo.

And John and Marilyn's marriage is still on shaky ground as they continue to disagree about whether to take on another foster child following Ty's departure from the Bay. Will no-nonsense Alf convince John to get his act together and sort things out at home?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5