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Home and Away spoilers: Hunter King waves bye-bye to Summer Bay!

Home and Away, Hunter King

Hunter is determined to pack his bags and go and live with Zac in Vietnam. But can disappointed Leah accept his decision?

Leah Patterson is annoyed by her former stepson Hunter King's decision to leave Summer Bay, and thinks he is just running away from his problems. Leah vents to family friends Alf Stewart and Irene Roberts. But they both wonder if Leah has an issue with Hunter's departure because her ex-husband Zac MacGuire is involved?

Not wanting to part on bad terms with Hunter, Leah joins Hunter's farewell celebration at Summer Bay House and later the pair share an emotional goodbye before Alf drives Hunter off to the airport and out of Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, wanting to accept Irene's offer of a room at the Beach House, Willow Harris tries to make peace with her biggest critic and potential future housemate Jasmine Delaney.

The ladies have been clashing a lot lately, especially as Jasmine has been harshly judging Willow over her gambling addiction and getting fired from her job at the Surf Club for stealing.

Jasmine appears to accept Willow's attempt to be friends again. But when she later discovers Irene has offered Willow a room at the Beach House, Jasmine realises the real reason Willow is trying to get back in her good books! Will Jasmine and Willow's feud be back on?

Also, Mason Morgan's relationship with girlfriend Dempsey seems to be back on track, now they have both agreed they want to raise their baby together. But is tragedy about to strike, when Dempsey suddenly feels unwell and discovers she is bleeding...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5