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Home and Away spoilers: Mason Morgan snaps over sister Tori's baby plans

Home and Away, Mason Morgan, Tori Morgan, Leah Patterson

Still devastated over Dempsey's decision to terminate their unborn baby, Mason loses his cool with sister Tori over her IVF plans

Mason Morgan has been in a terrible mood since his ex-girlfriend Dempsey announced she wasn't ready to become a mum and was going to terminate their unborn baby.

Mason had really been looking forward to becoming a dad and is still bitter he didn't have any say in Dempsey's decision. So when Mason's older sister Tori is full of drama about her on/off plans for IVF treatment, with friend Robbo as her sperm donor, Mason snaps...

Thrown by Mason's angry outburst, hospital nurse Tori tries to support her brother through the grief he's been feeling since losing both Dempsey and the baby.

Meanwhile, in a counselling session, Robbo tries to deal with his own grief over losing his wife Lauren and children Lucas and Sophie in a home invasion murder. Does he still blame himself for their deaths? And with Robbo in a fragile mental state, will Tori change her mind about going ahead with their IVF plans?

Elsewhere, with Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo away in Hawaii, family friend Leah Patterson has been left to keep an eye on teenager Ryder Jackson.

But after hearing about an abandoned hideout, once used by the River Boys surf gang, it's not long before Ryder tricks Leah into giving him the key for his granddad Alf's bait shop. What is Ryder up to?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5