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Home and Away spoilers: Raffy and Ty are bullied over their break-up

Home and Away, Raffy Morrison, Ty Anderson

When Raffy is bullied over the reasons behind her recent break-up with boyfriend Ty, he shocks the school by revealing he is gay...

Back at school, the mean girls bully Raffy about her break-up with Ty wondering why she couldn't hold onto her boyfriend. But despite their bitchy comments, Raffy refuses to reveal the reason things ended with Ty is because he is gay.

However, as the bullying continues, Ty realises he can't just stand back while Raffy is teased over something that was beyond her control - and suddenly stops everyone in their tracks when he drops the shock bombshell about his sexuality...

Meanwhile, Dean has turned to Justin for help with Willow, whose gambling addiction has wrecked their relationship. Justin is eventually able to get his ex-girlfriend to confide in him and she admits the depths of her addiction. But Dean has heavy debts of his own, having borrowed from loan shark Brett to pay-off some of Willow's debts. Unable to make the re-payments, Dean offers to carry out dodgy jobs for Brett. But what will Brett ask Dean to do?

Things are looking-up for Olivia and on/off boyfriend Hunter as she starts another wedding dress design, while Hunter is hoping to ace a university assignment by coming-up with a clever idea for a basketball team.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5