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Home and Away spoilers: Bored teen Ryder Jackson gets himself into BIG trouble!

Home and Away, Coco Astoni, Ryder Jackson, Raffy Morrison

Ryder is bored when he's left out of friends Coco and Raffy's plans. So the lad heads to the gym to try out the equipment with disastrous results...

Things have been a bit odd between Ryder Jackson and his ex-girlfriend Coco Astoni since the pair's recent break-up.

Even though Ryder and Coco have both made peace with their friend Raffy Morrison, things don't quite feel the same as they did before. So when Coco and Raffy make plans for a shopping trip to Yabbie Creek, Ryder is happy to be left out.

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson

Ryder finds himself alone after he's ditched by friends Coco and Raffy (Picture: Channel 5)

However, when the bored teenager heads to the Surf Club gym to try out the equipment, disaster strikes when the teenager attempts to lift some weights and finds himself trapped on the bench press! Will anyone find Ryder before he's crushed?

Meanwhile, Maggie Astoni tries to comfort son-in-law Brody Morgan, after she finds him having a panic attack in the storeroom at restaurant Salt.

Brody's guitar playing during an Astoni family meal has triggered memories of his late mum Kate Lee, who helped him learn to play. Maggie agrees to keep Brody's secret, when the restaurant chef isn't ready to reveal the truth to anyone else.

But Ziggy is confused by Brody's sudden moody behaviour, especially when she sees him putting the guitar away, wondering why he isn't keen to play again.

But when Ziggy begins prying into his mum's death, will she accidentally create another rift in the Morgan marriage?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5