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Home and Away spoilers: Will Simone Bedford leave the Bay WITHOUT Brody Morgan?

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Shaken after the showdown at Raffy's birthday party, Simone tells boyfriend Brody of her SHOCK decision to leave the Bay alone...

Just when it looked like folk in Summer Bay were starting to accept Brody Morgan and Simone Bedford's relationship, teenager Coco Astoni has returned to throw a spanner in the works!

Coco, who has been away at boarding school, is back for bestie Raffy Morrison's 16th birthday celebrations and wastes no time in laying into Brody for cheating on her sister Ziggy with his then trainee restaurant chef, Simone.

Once again realising the family turmoil their affair has caused, Simone slips away from the birthday celebrations at restaurant Salt. With Brody still hesitant to accept an offer on Salt, Simone fears his heart truly belongs with his family. So she drops the SHOCK bombshell she is ready to leave Summer Bay without him!

Will Simone's change-of-heart push Brody to make a BIG decision? Will he stay... or will he go?

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers, Jett Palmer, John Palmer

There's a tearful goodbye for Marilyn, Jett and John. (Picture: Channel 5)

Someone else on the move is Jett Palmer, who is heading off to live independently in army accommodation in the city.

Jett's parents John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers feared the injured soldier wasn't ready to live alone, after being left unable to walk following an explosion at his army base in Afghanistan.

But having finally made peace with Jett's decision, the family gather by the bench dedicated to John's late wife, Gina, as Jett farewells the place he has loved so much and all the people he has met over the years.

It's gonna be a tearful goodbye for these three.

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