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James is feeling rejected in Hollyoaks

hollyoaks, james nightingale, gregory finnegan

James is trying to hide his hurt after being rejected by the Nightingales in Hollyoaks...

John Paul can tell James is masking his true hurt about been rejected by his family. After speaking to Lisa, Nathan decides to hear James’s side of the story. When James doesn’t open up, however, John Paul tells Nathan everything.

Meanwhile, Myra goes on a date and is spied on by Nana and Celine. There’s a problem, though… Myra’s date looks just like Diego! Later, Myra goes to visit Diego in prison but another woman is already there - Cassandra.

It’s the day of Jade’s funeral and everyone gathers at the woodland memorial site as Jade’s bamboo coffin arrives. Alfie delivers his eulogy beautifully but then can’t be there any more and rushes out.

Back at The Dog, Sonia reluctantly speaks to her dad who has turned up. Sonia’s floored when he reveals he’s moving to Belgium - and he wants her to come too…

Later, Alfie is upstairs and imagines he can see and hear Jade.