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Jimmy and the catfight!

Caaaaaatttttttfiiiiight! Jimmy finds himself having to break it up as Tracy and Bernice take their bitching one step further and lash out at each other! With Bernice having accused Tracy of stealing again, Jimmy wants to stop the women’s feud once and for all and dishes out an ultimatum!

While Marlon thinks his wife is addressing her drink problem, he couldn't be more wrong. Left to her own devices, Laurel retrieves a bottle of wine she's stashed away and necks it! When Ashley and Harriet realise a bottle has gone missing it doesn't take long to trace it back to Laurel who's humiliated when the proof is unearthed.

Furious, Marlon storms out and soon returns to the house armed with a bottle of vodka! When he sits down with Laurel for a proper talk, will his drastic tactics do the trick?

Adam is left sweating when his mum, Moira, susses Vanessa's pregnant. As the farmer announces there’s no way the pregnancy can remain a secret, she has no idea her son may well be the father!