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Jude, Cindy and Tom think about the good times

Tom, Cindy, Jude Hollyoaks

With older sister Jude back in the fold, the siblings ponder over yesteryear...

Jude and Cindy see how much young Tom needs his sisters around. The siblings are all smiles as they spend the day reminiscing about old times together.

Meanwhile, Jade has taken a turn for the worse and Frankie blames Alfie for having the party, leaving him feeling guilty. They’re all heartbroken when Dr Berrington reveals Jade has to go on dialysis.

Mercedes fumes when she receives an injunction from Joe. Myra asks Joe to at least let Mercedes see the kids and it looks like he might give in – but when they see Mercedes pinning Joanne up against a wall in the village, Joe’s mind is made up. Later, Joe and Joanne kiss.

Also, when Nathan asks Cleo to meet him, she gets all excited, thinking there’s a chance for them. So she’s devastated when he tells her they can’t have anything more to do with each other.