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Kathy Barnes turns up in Hollyoaks!

Kathy Barnes Hollyoaks

Kathy Barnes is back - and she's horrified when she sees Mike and Amy looking cosy...

Amy's mum Kathy Barnes returns and immediately locks horns with his young lover Zoe, who's also turned up for Amy's funeral. Zoe offers Kathy an olive branch but, when Zoe tries to cheer up Ryan, Kathy accuses her of trying to seduce him!

Warren plans to burn down the flats to get rid of Bart's body and, with Sienna's help, manages to evacuate the building. As they carry Bart's body out in a rolled up carpet and put it in the back of Warren's van, Prince thinks they're burgling Sally's flat, which gives him a bright idea…

Also, Yasmine tells Hunter that Peri stole Neeta's tablet. Will Hunter see to it that Peri stays out of trouble?