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Kyle comes to Ricky’s rescue

Kyle takes Casey so Ricky can sleep and, when she gets up, Kyle has made her breakfast. Andy enters and comments on them being a happy family. Nate comes round and Kyle listens in, but once Nate’s gone, Kyle comments on the number of texts that Ricky and Nate have sent each other and Ricky isn't impressed.

Andy mentions to Ricky that Kyle's leaving the Bay, not realising that he hadn't told Ricky. Ricky tells Kyle that she needs him, and he agrees not to leave.

When Roo asks Alf to come to Maddy's 18th birthday breakfast, he tells her that James threatened him. Later Alf and James talk, with James trying to say there was a misunderstanding, but Alf sticks to his guns.

Marilyn has a surprise for John - she's organised for them to renew their wedding vows. Meanwhile, James persuades Roo to get married immediately. Just as James and Roo are saying their vows Alf interrupts, telling Roo that he's had Morag do a background check - James isn’t who he says he is…