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Kylie returns to upheaval (VIDEO)

When David finds Kylie on the doorstep, his relief soon turns to anger as she apologises and tries to convince him she’s totally clean. However Kylie’s dumbfounded when Callum arrives to collect Max, shocked that he has access. David spits that she’s only got herself to blame, leaving him at the mercy of the courts. Kylie vows to fight for Max now that she’s sorted herself out.

Tracy gleefully reveals how Tony paid two thugs to put the frighteners on Liz. So when Tony turns up for work, Liz confronts him about setting up the bar brawl. Still reeling, Liz meets Erica for lunch at the Bistro and is flattered by the attentions of two brewery employees. Nick’s jealous as Erica flirts with Paddy, while Liz and Dan get on famously.

Julie tells Mary that she’s expecting Dev to propose, but Mary’s aghast when Dev admits he’s not planning marriage and confesses that he met someone else in India! Leanne tells Simon they’re going to visit Eva in France. 

With the Websters preoccupied, Jenny offers to mind Jack for the day.