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Leah blackmails her dad Ste over the secrets he’s been keeping about him and Ryan

(Image credit: Graham Morris)

Leah plays truant and threatens Ste that she'll reveal his secret relationship with Ryan

An angry Leah is refusing to go to school and tells Ste that he’s got to leave her alone and let her do what she wants, otherwise she’ll tell everyone about his and Ryan’s secret relationship. Will Ste be backed into a corner?

Meanwhile Brody and Buster both try and help Damon and think they know best but Buster tells Brody to butt out when he’s trying to give advice to his son.

Elsewhere Leela discovers it’s Louis' birthday and decides to organise a special surprise for him. She plans a birthday treasure hunt but is stopped in her tracks when DS Thorpe turns up with some news about her missing daughter, Peri.