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Madison uncovers Amy's saucy photos

Amy Williams and Madison Robinson in Neighbours

Amy's past comes back to haunt her

Paul tries to make amends with Madison, telling her he's picked up on a story when Tom brags about having hired a new cleaning contractor. Amy encourages Madison to pursue it – but both she and Paul are unaware that Madison will uncover the photos of Amy as a "sexy maid".

Paige's plan to steer clear of Jack proves tricky when Brad announces Jack will be working closely with him on the Blaze Project. When Jack learns from Aaron that Paige was intending to seduce him at the BBQ, he admits he's finding it tough being around her.

Brad is excited when Jack comes on board the Blaze Outreach program – especially when Sonya agrees they can use the Off Air premises for nine months. But things become awkward when he discovers Sonya wants to appoint Jack in an official capacity…